Kirby Cane Charities


This web site provides an overview of Kirby Cane Charities (KCC), what it does and how you can find out more.


When times get tough...

...local support is available. Kirby Cane Charities (CC no. 1079345) can give a donation to help you. And that includes education - if you’re under 25 and need something towards your studies, we can help there too.
(Please note - This offer is only available to people in Kirby Cane)

Let us know what the problem is, how much you need and how soon, then we’ll see what we can do. Please contact us.

The income of this small charity is used for three main functions, or ‘charitable Objects’ (to use the technical term), they are:

  • The relief of Kirby Cane parishioners who are in need, hardship or distress
  • To promote the education of Kirby Cane people under the age of 25 and in financial need
  • To further the religious and other charitable work of the Church of England in Kirby Cane.


Kirby Cane Charities is registered (no. 1079345) with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.
Details of the trustees, the accounts and governance scheme are all publicly available on the Commission's web site. 

All Saints Church, Kirby Cane


December 2020  New web host

BT Community Kit is closing in May 2021. This means that Kirby Cane Charities wed address has changed and moved to a new host (Krystal). The information on the pages at kcc.btck.co.uk will not be updated and will cease in May 2021.